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Becoming a Spotify Intern: Ultimate Guide to Dream Role

Are you dreaming of being a Spotify intern, working at one of the coolest places in the world of music and tech? Imagine being part of a team that connects millions of people to the music they love. Getting an internship at Spotify isn’t just about liking music. It’s about showing that you have the skills and the drive to be part of a company that’s always moving forward. In this guide, we’ll show you how to make your application stand out, share tips on making connections that count, and show Spotify you’re ready to join their innovative team. Let’s dive in and find out how you can start your journey to become a Spotify intern, where every day is a new chance to impact the world of music streaming

Understanding Spotify and Its Culture

Before you start applying for an internship at Spotify, it’s good to know what this company is really about. Spotify does more than just play songs. It’s a place where artists and music fans come together. They use technology to make sure everyone finds the music they love. At Spotify, they like new ideas, working together, being creative, and they love music a lot.

Tailoring Your Education and Skills

Spotify wants interns who do well in school, but they also want you to bring something special. This means you should learn things that match the job you want at Spotify. For example, if you’re interested in technology, marketing, design, or something else, you should take classes and do projects that fit with these areas. It’s also important to keep learning about new things happening in the world of tech and music.

For Tech Aspirants

If you want a job at Spotify that’s about technology, you should work on your computer skills. This could mean getting better at coding, learning about data (like information and numbers), or understanding machine learning (which is when computers learn things by themselves). Choose to learn about things that match the tech job you want at Spotify.

For Creative and Marketing Roles

If you’re more interested in creative jobs or marketing (which is about promoting and selling things), you should learn about digital marketing (which is using the internet and social media to market something) and how to make content (like writing articles or making videos). It’s also good to understand how companies like Spotify talk to their customers and get them interested in their products.

Building a Standout Portfolio

Creating a great portfolio is like telling a story about what you can do. It should show off your talents and all the things you’ve learned and done. Include any projects you’ve worked on, important classes, and activities outside of school that relate to the job you want. Make sure your portfolio shows you’re a good fit for Spotify’s creative and forward-thinking style. If you’re into coding, consider making something cool related to music, like an app or a tool. And if you’re into marketing, put together an example of a marketing campaign you’ve thought up, even if it’s just an idea and not something you’ve done.

The Application Process: 

When you apply to be a Spotify intern, you want to stand out from everyone else.

Resume and Cover Letter

Your resume should be short and to the point. It should highlight the work you’ve done and the skills you have that are relevant to the internship. In your cover letter, talk about how much you love music and technology and how you feel connected to what Spotify stands for.

Creativity in Application

Be creative with your application. This could mean uniquely designing your resume or writing a cover letter that tells your personal story with music and technology. Just remember, it should still be professional because that’s what Spotify expects.


Networking, or making professional friends, is really important. Try to meet people who already work at Spotify. You can do this by going to events in the industry, joining webinars, or even reaching out on LinkedIn. Talking to people who work at Spotify can give you a better idea of what it’s like there and might help you get noticed.

Preparing for the Interview

Once Spotify likes your application, they’ll invite you for an interview. This is your chance to impress them.


Do your homework about Spotify. Learn about the new things they are working on, what kind of people they like to work with, and what the team you want to join does. Knowing these details shows you’re serious about working there.

Technical and Behavioral Preparation

Be ready to show off the skills that make you right for the job. If it’s a tech job, be prepared to talk about your coding or tech skills. Spotify also wants to see if you fit in with their team. They’ll ask questions to see how you solve problems, work with others, and handle changes.


After your interview, send a message to say thank you. This shows you’re polite and still interested in the internship. It’s a simple thing, but it can help them remember you.

Staying Persistent and Positive

If you don’t get the internship the first time, don’t worry. It’s normal and happens to lots of people. Use this as a learning experience. Think about what you can do better, keep improving your skills, and try again later. Staying hopeful and not giving up is important.


Securing an internship at Spotify is a journey that combines passion, preparation, and persistence. By aligning your education with your career goals, showcasing a unique and creative portfolio, and customizing your application to reflect Spotify’s dynamic spirit, you set the stage for success. Networking effectively and understanding the company’s culture are crucial steps in making your application stand out. Most importantly, staying positive and persistent, even in the face of setbacks, is key. Each step in this process is a learning experience, bringing you closer to your dream of becoming a Spotify intern.

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